Chef de Can - Chocolate


Chef de Can Chocolate Mousse is a great treat for anyone that loves chocolate. Enjoy as a topping for cakes, hot chocolate, desserts, and fruit or on its own. The kids will love adding it to ANYTHING! Available in a 250g can.

Serving suggestions:
  • Perfect to decorate desserts, to accompany a slice of cake or top off a coffee.
  • Kids will love it served with ice cream, fruit or even on pancakes.
  • Delicious on its own for a quick and tasty dessert.
  • Use to fill chocolate éclairs or profiteroles.

For best results serve Chef de Can Chocolate Mousse immediately.

Storage: Refrigerate between 0-4°C at all times.

Shelf Life: Once opened Chef de Can Chocolate Mousse will keep until the best before date on the base of the can. If the usage instructions are followed Chef de Can will keep in the refrigerator for up to 12 months.


Where to buy?

Available at selected Countdown, New World and PaknSave supermarkets throughout New Zealand.
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Handy Hints

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