Culinary & Whipping Cream

A truly versatile long-life cream suitable for all cooking, pastry chef and bakery applications. It whips to a stable foam with minimal leakage, making it perfect for decorating cakes and desserts. It is freeze-thaw stable once whipped meaning decorated cakes can be frozen until required. It is also heat, acid and alcohol stable and has excellent reduction qualities making it idea for all hot cooking applications.


  • Excellent reduction qualities, making it ideal for preparing sauces.
  • Won’t curdle or split upon heating.
  • Freeze-thaw, acid and alcohol stable.
  • Whip time is longer than fresh cream, reducing the likelihood of over whipping.
  • Foam stability is better than lower fat creams.
  • Has a high overrun/yield of between 100 – 120%.
  • Create creamy savoury dishes such as butter chicken, curries and pasta sauces.
  • Create delicious fillings for cakes and pastries, e.g. combine with chocolate, lemon curd etc.
  • Decorate cakes and desserts ahead of time and freeze until required.
  • Use to make creamy desserts such as mousse, panna cotta and parfait.
  • Use in industrial applications as a fat source for ice cream, confectionery and biscuit manufacture.
Shelf Life

Has a 12 month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Chilled at between 0-4°C at all times.

Packaging Options:

12x1lt, 2x5lt & 1x20lt


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