Lite Cheese Sauce

A long-life, reduced-fat cheese sauce with a smooth texture.  It is convenient and versatile and contains 32% less fat than Tatua Premium Cheese Sauce. It can be used straight from the pack or as a base to add your own flavours and ingredients. It is suitable for baking, dispensing, microwaving and for use in a bain marie.


  • Heat and freeze-thaw stable.
  • Thin with milk or cream to obtain the desired consistency.
  • As a guide use a 1 to 1 ratio when substituting for grated cheese.
  • Heat and pour over steamed vegetables or use to make delicious cheesy potato gratin.
  • Use in cheese muffins, scones or bread instead of grated cheese to add moistness and flavour.
  • Use cheese sauce instead of grated cheese in pies, lasagne or macaroni.
  • Blend with tomato paste for a cheesy pizza base.
  • Add your favourite pickle or relish to create a delicious dip to serve with breads, or crackers.
  • Use as a spread for paninis or sandwiches.
  • Use it in baking breads, muffins, pastries, pies or lasagne.
Shelf Life

Has a 12-month shelf life unopened. Once opened, use within seven days.


Store chilled at 0-4°C or ambient (below 20°C).  Refrigerate once opened.


12x1kg, 1x20kg

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