Tatua Mascarpone

This is a smooth Italian cheese-styled cream. It is velvety soft, slightly acidic and has a texture similar to thickened whipped cream. It is a versatile product, which is heat stable so can be used in a range of cooking applications, including sweet and savoury dishes.


  • Enjoy as is, or with the addition of citrus rind and sweetened with honey, or blend with ground coffee beans, cinnamon or quality dark chocolate.
  • Combines well with acidic ingredients, such as cheese, coffee, fruits.
  • Mix with liqueurs to create delicious fillings or spreads.
  • Make homemade ice cream and gelato.
  • Serve with fresh fruit in a brandy basket.
  • Perfect to use between cake layers or as an ingredient in desserts such as baked cheesecake, tarts, and flans.
  • Create the traditional Italian dessert ‘Tiramisu’.
  • Use to create a rich creamy flavoured pasta sauce.
  • Thicken and enrich a risotto or soup.
  • Spread over bagels or fruit loaf in place of butter or margarine.
Shelf Life

Has a 12-month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Refrigerate¬†between 0-4¬įC at all times.




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