Premium Ice Cream Base

A ready-to-use sweetened liquid made from fresh cream. Suitable for use in a variety of commercial and domestic ice cream machines. Just add your choice of ingredients and flavours to create your own premium homemade ice cream.


  • Convenient easy to use sweetened liquid mix to create premium homemade ice cream.
  • Add your own flavours or ingredients, churn and freeze.
  • Add your own flavours such as fruit pulp, chocolate or coffee syrups, liqueurs, chocolate or fudge pieces, nuts.
  • Try maple walnut, feijoa, orange chocolate chip, salted caramel, chocolate fudge or lemon & lime.
  • Serve on its own as a refreshing dessert or as an accompaniment to a hot or cold dessert treat.
Shelf Life

Has a six month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Keep refrigerated between 0-4°C at all times. Frozen ice cream must be kept at or below -18°C.



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