Soft Serve Mix

The most convenient soft serve mix on the market. It is an easy to use liquid mix, just snip, pour and churn to create delicious soft serve ice cream. It has been ultra-heat treated (UHT) and aseptically packaged in sterile bags to ensure excellent keeping properties. Designed for use in Taylor pump-fed soft serve machines or similar.


  • Smooth, creamy vanilla flavour.
  • Acid and alcohol stable.
  • The typical overrun is 50-70% depending on the machine used.
  • Suitable for sundaes, soft serve cones, milk shakes, thick shakes, sodas and smoothies.
  • Personalise with your own flavoured syrups or berries, alcohol, chocolate, coffee or citrus.
Shelf Life

Has an eight-month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Store unopened at below 20°C. Refrigerate once opened. For best results chill down to 0-4°C prior to use.


2×5 l

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