Sour Cream

It is a cultured long-life sour cream with a distinctive tangy flavour.  This convenient sour cream can be used straight from the pack. Perfect for cooking as it doesn’t separate on heating. It has a velvety texture and is ideal in sweet or savoury applications.


  • Pasteurised and clean filled packed it has a long shelf life and creates minimal waste.
  • Heat, acid and alcohol stable – perfect for cooking as it doesn’t split or curdle.
  • Use in place of cream when cooking as it doesn’t curdle or separate.
  • Use to dollop on Nachos and baked potatoes.
  • Use to create cheesecakes, tarts and cakes.
  • Add a swirl to soup before serving, a dollop to vegetable mash or use as an accompaniment to enchiladas or pizza.
  • Add ingredients such as lime and sweet chilli sauce to make a quick and easy dip or dressing.
Shelf Life

Has a 12-month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Refrigerate between 0-4°C at all times.


12x1kg, 3x3kg


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