Yoghurt Style Soft Serve Mix

A delicious ready-to-use liquid mix made from real yoghurt. It requires no thawing or mixing: just snip, pour and use. No worries about ruining the mix by adding too much powder or water, or not having enough prepared on an unexpectedly busy day. Very convenient and versatile for your foodservice ice cream requirements. Designed for use in Taylor pump-fed soft serve machines or similar.


  • Made from real yoghurt.
  • Typical overrun is approximately 32%.
  • Convenient and simple to use.
  • Delicious on its own in soft-serve cones and sundaes.
  • Combine with fruit flavours such as strawberry or lemon.
  • A great base for smoothies and thick shakes.
Shelf Life

Will keep for 12 months unopened, once opened keep chilled and use within seven days.


Store unopened at below 20°C.  Refrigerate once opened. For best results chill down to 0-4°C prior to use.



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