Whipping Cream

A 36% milkfat long-life cream, formulated specifically for superior performance in bakery, pastry chef and café applications. It has excellent properties for piping and decorating for cakes and desserts, and it performs extremely well in a cream charger, making it ideal for topping hot and cold beverages.


  • Excellent whipping properties and perfect for whipping in a Hobart mixer.
  • Excellent foam stability with minimal leakage – perfect for piping rosettes.
  • Freeze-thaw stable.
  • Whips exceptionally well in a Hobart mixer – overrun between 140-170%.
  • Exceptional clean dairy flavour.
  • Decorate cakes and desserts ahead of time and freeze until required.
  • Perfect for use in a cream charger for topping for hot and cold beverages or accompanying cakes and slices.
Shelf life:

Has a 12 month unopened shelf life. Once opened, use within seven days.


Chilled at between 0-4°C at all times.

Packaging Options:

12x1lt, 2x5lt, 1x20lt


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