Dairy and Soy Peptones

We manufacture and supply casein and lactalbumin (whey) and soy peptones to global customers. Our dedicated microbiological applications laboratory provides support by streamlining the product qualification and quality assurance processes for customers. Our R&D team develops new processes and products and we offer customised product development solutions to all our customers.

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Casein Peptones
Lactalbumin Peptones
Soy Peptones


We have a range of dairy and soy peptones available to meet our customers’ needs:

  • Lightly to highly hydrolysed
  • Filtered, with high clarity, or unfiltered
  • Heat stable
  • Halal and Kosher certified options available
  • GMO-free options available

  • Fermentation Media
  • Diagnostic Media
  • Cell Culture Media
  • Vaccines
  • Probiotics


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