We have proven experience in developing and manufacturing a wide range of whey and casein hydrolysates for specialised nutritional applications. This includes customised development solutions for many of our global food and nutrition customers in the areas of infant formula, sports nutrition supplements and meal replacements.




Casein Hydrolysates
Whey Hydrolysates




Our range of enzymatically hydrolysed protein products are all designed with unique properties and applications in mind, but share common characteristics due to the reduction in native whole protein chains.

Casein Hydrolysates

Our casein hydrolysates provide advantages over whole whey proteins via:

  • Quicker digestion and absorption than whole intact casein protein
  • Reduction in the symptoms of dietary intolerance to casein milk proteins
  • Boost protein levels, with protein of high biological value
  • Low in lactose and fat
  • Good emulsification properties
Whey Hydrolysates

Our whey hydrolysates provide advantages over whole whey proteins via:

  • Rapid absorption by the body
  • Reducing the symptoms of dietary intolerance to bovine milk proteins
  • Providing a high ratio of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) compared to other proteins,
    used in tissue growth and repair.


Sport and enteral nutrition, infant formula, meal
replacements and functional food supplements

Packaging Formats:

20kg and 25kg bags 


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